Jillian Alexa & Co.

Let us make you the belle of the ballroom.


Need a new look? Or maybe you want to learn to do your makeup and have no idea where to start? We have options 

to fit every need.

Basic Tutorial

Learn to use the makeup you already own for both daytime and evening wear makeup looks. (This tutorial does not include eyelashes tutorial.)


Day Look Tutorial

This service includes having us come with you as a personal shopper to create a day to day look just for you, as well as a hands on lesson.

(Includes eyelash tutorial)

$250 (plus cost of makeup)

Evening Look Tutorial

Let us help you pick out products you can use to dress up and date night or special event, and we'll teach you how to do it yourself! (Includes eyelash tutorial)

$275 (plus cost of makeup)

Eyelash Tutorial

Do you like the look of false lashes but don't want the permanence or upkeep of lash extensions? Let us show you how to apply strip lashes on your own, so you can dress up any look.


Hair Tutorial

Want to learn some fun new ways to style your own hair? Give us a call or shoot us a text and we can give you a price quote depending on what you're looking for!